Flu impacting students at Canyon Hills and beyond

The Flu season is officially approaching worldwide, but especially in California where Canyon Hills students are feeling the impacts.

Flu activity remains high in San Diego and across the country. San Diego has had about 5,500 instances of the flu, which requires people to miss work and school as they recover from their symptoms.

The majority of students will convince themselves that they are fine to go to school for the sake of not missing out on assignments, tests, and important activities, which have a significant negative impact on everyone on campus.

It has an impact on students who will catch their symptoms. Coughing, speaking, sneezing, blowing your nose, and not washing one’s hands after touching classroom tables and chairs can all spread the flu. When a teacher is sick, they will have to miss school days, and depending on how long they need to recover, someone else will have to fill in for them. They miss the time they were away from work, and the last of anyone’s wishes is to be behind in classwork. 

It is highly recommended to use Hand Sanitizer frequently!
Frequent usage of hand sanitizer is strongly advised! (Vivi Dinh)

    It is very important to have safety precautions for the sake of the people around you. The flu spreads quickly and effects vary on people, Although the specific beginning and ending dates of flu seasons might change. The conditions generally begin to occur in October and increase between December and February, with some cases extending as late as May. 

   It’s necessary to take care of your health by frequently washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, carrying a small pack of tissues in your backpack, and keeping your distance if you’re feeling under the weather. Being healthy and avoiding illness is something we aim for on this campus because being sick impacts our mood and consistency. 

“The reason the flu has affected me in the past is that I was socialized to a lot of sick people,”   Senior student Gio Hernandez stated. “And I caught it easily. I try to avoid the flu symptoms every year since I dislike getting sick”.  

On campus, students are likely to get sick due to the bacteria and germs that are constantly circulating. Certain children are more cautious than others when it comes to personal maintenance, particularly frequent hand washing. 

However, kids do not enjoy getting sick because their social life and regular daily activities are put in pause while they spend most of their days in their bedrooms taking medicine.