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The Student News Site of Canyon Hills High School

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womens soccer CHHS

Poll: Which sport is most popular at CHHS?

Ayla Jones, Social Media Manager January 25, 2023

Although not known for its sports, Canyon Hills High School has many current and past athletes who play on school teams and outside of school. Out of a total of fifty-two surveyed students, only four...

student working without headphones

School’s headphone policy causing headaches

Vivi Dinh, Staff Writer January 20, 2023

 The policy at Canyon Hills High School is strictly no phones and headphones in classrooms. The use of headphones distracts from conversations among classmates and makes them less productive. Headphones...

Traditional V. year round at Canyon Hills Highschool

Traditional vs Year round school: Which is better?

Vivi Dinh, Staff Writer January 17, 2023

Traditional education, also known as the standard education system, is the best method of education. Traditional education is a well-organized establishment with acceptable classrooms, buildings, and teaching...

kanye west in crowd

‘From Musical Legend to Hysterical Conspiracist: The Rise, Fall and Tragedy of Kanye West’

O'Ryan Nelson, Staff Writer January 12, 2023

A Shakespearean tragedy as old as time, the fall of a legendary figure or group, whether it be through a major event, or a slow fall from grace. The death of the dinosaurs, the fall of the Roman Empire,...

new years celebration

New Years Resolutions: Do They Matter?

Vivi Dinh, Staff Writer January 12, 2023

 Every year as December approaches we get ready to approach the new year, everyone has their own new years resolutions to start off the new year. Setting the right intentions to go onto your new year...

building at nyu

Cancel culture: Has our generation gone too far?

Betty Desta, Opinion Editor January 9, 2023

In American society, citizens have the right to grieve, protest, readdress, etc. It’s a Constitutional right and without such, we probably wouldn’t be able to imagine how much corruption could occur...

sick student working in class

Staying home when sick to keep others safe

Haley Harville, Sports Editor January 6, 2023

The common cold spreads so easily among others, especially in an environment with hundreds of students. It is so easy to get sick when millions of germs are constantly spreading from student to student...

empty classroom

Many seniors are getting more absences and tardies. Here’s why that’s important.

O'Ryan Nelson, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

After the last 3 years of COVID, many seniors have been looking forward to a more laid back, normal year, but that is starting to cause problems for some. Many seniors are beginning to pile up absences...

rain soaks chhs

How to rain: A survival guide for rainy days at Canyon Hills

Jasmine Tran, Entertainment Editor December 16, 2022

 Rain. A type of weather that seems to feel like everyone’s favorite here at Canyon Hills High School.    I mean, why wouldn’t it be? Unlike sunny weather that’s bright and fun all the...

chhs bell system

Is the new school bell system a necessary change?

Austin Young, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

Canyon Hills High School has implemented a new bell and warning system to replace or add onto the existing bell. The pre existing bell was a standard bell, basically an alarm clock blare, which, wasn’t...

An invalid SAT test found on the road after the incident

Failing Accountability: El Paso high school students forced to retake SAT´s after UPS transfer Incident

Ben Ruiz Rodriguez, Features Editor December 6, 2022

Whether offered or required, high schools across America are able to administrate and allow students to take the SAT. The Scholastic Assessment Test or the SAT is a standardized test that is used throughout...

student debt cancellation rally

College applications & college are extremely stressful and costly. Here’s why.

O'Ryan Nelson, Staff Writer November 30, 2022

It's no secret that college application season has many students stressed about their applications and the additional problems that come with it, but many of those problems are often ones that are unnecessary...

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