Mrs. Ward assumes role as Interim Principal at Sessions Elementary; Mr. Liew takes over as AP

Mrs. Ward has temporarily left Canyon Hills to take place as Principal at Sessions Elementary in Pacific Beach.

yy liew eating with students
Mr. Liew talking and hanging out with students at lunch. (Betty Desta)

Since the beginning of January, Ward has taken over as interim principal for the students and administration at Sessions Elementary, and is projected to stay there for the next few months until her new school finds a permanent principal.

While students haven’t always been fans of authority like administrators, Mrs. Ward was pretty popular with the students. Giving high fives in the hallways, saying hi and addressing students by their name, ready to have a conversation with any students walking by, etc. 

Senior Haley Harville says, “I was kinda sad to find out she was leaving, she seemed like a fun person and she always gave me high fives.”

For the time being, badminton and girls’ tennis coach Mr. Liew has taken over Mrs. Ward’s spot as Associate Principal for classes of 2024 and 2025 until she can return. In addition to taking this position, Liew is the coach for two sports, a world history teacher and a teacher to his personal leadership class.

New VP Liew says, “It’s a different side of education I haven’t really experienced a lot before, but it’s been eye opening to see the different ways I get to engage with students and support students.”

Similar to Ward, Liew has his own popularity with students. With his students using his room as a sanctuary and talking to him almost as a friend. 

Senior Sherlyn Zapata says, “I finished my personal insight questions because of him, and I might have a chance at college because of him.”

“He pushed me to write my personal insight questions and was the main reason I finished them”, says another senior Emily Melendez.

While it is unsure whether Mrs. Ward will return and when, especially if she decides to go through with the interview process to officially become Sessions Elementary’s new principal, it seems that Mr. Liew has appeared to enjoy filling in her shoes. 

“I am enjoying the learning process here. I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I have full faith that I will be in the position to best support our school in the way it needs to be.”