New California laws taking effect in 2023

California is enforcing laws that will take action in 2023, including legal jaywalking, minimum wages rising and more.

California enforces new laws as of 2023.
A slew of new laws went into effect in 2023 that may impact Californians in a variety of ways. (North Bay Business Journal)

Starting January 2023, a great deal of new laws will be getting put into play in California. Such as laws in these categories: 

  • Workplace
  • Traffic
  • Retail
  • Crime
  • Abortion
  • Firearms 

The list still goes on, as some categories have multiple new laws being registered under them. 

New workplace laws include a rise in minimum wage up by 50 cents, and a law called “bereavement leave” where workers can take up to five days leave for the death of a close family member. As well as family care where employees can leave to care for a sick loved one. 

Under new traffic laws, jaywalking will become legal unless said pedestrian crosses when it is unsafe or in an unsafe manner. 

“I think the new jaywalking law is a good thing as long as people are safe about it,” Alissa Ketchum. 

Retail laws being brought to the surface include the elimination of the “pink tax” which is a retail price that charges women more than men for necessities such as razors, deodorant, shampoo and other similar items. Businesses violating this law would be fined up to 10,000. In addition, California is also going to restate their ban on selling fur clothing, as it was delayed so businesses could get rid of their inventory. 

New state holidays coming 2023 in California include June 19, known as Juneteenth, also designating April 24 as Genocide Remembrance Day, and lastly Lunar New Year will be recognized as a state holiday. 

New Abortion laws in California
Beginning in January 2023, California guarantees the right to abortion through new law. (Bloomberg)

New Abortion laws will be protecting women from prosecution if they wish to end a pregnancy. There will also be confidentiality laws within these circumstances, as well as preventing medical licenses to be revoked for performing abortions or any of the such. 

“I’m really glad that California isnt putting any bans on abortion,” Vivian Dinh. 

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