God of War: Ragnorok may be one of the best

God Of War: Ragnorok is a refinement and a direct follow up to 2018’s soft reboot. The game takes place within the world of Norse mythology where Kratos and Atreus are troubled with the godhood of the Norse pantheon. Everything about the game feels masterfully crafted, it was a really fun experience, and is personally one of my favorite Playstation games.

screenshot from ragnarok game
God of War: Ragnarok pulls in gamers with strong visuals, but keeps them with excellent design. (Sony/ Santa Monica Studios)

Tons of new features and gameplay was implemented in the game which fixed most of the problems with the 2018 version. One issue with it was that the enemy designs were always the same and constantly reused, but in this game there’s so much variety to the enemy design. Though majority of the puzzles in the game are tedious and annoying to solve and feel like they add it just for a random obstacle.

 2018’s God Of War was an emotional story of a Father (Kratos) struggling to bond with his child (Atreus) in the wake of his mother’s death. In this game, Kratos and Atreus face the conflicts of the Norse gods from Asgard, meet with allies both new and old, and try to free the 9 realms from the control of Odin.

Kratos’ development in this game is crafted nearly perfectly. In the original games, he was just an angry god killer, who killed anyone in his path for vengeance. In Ragnorok, he has dreams of his wife teaching him how to open up to people and be a good father. By the end of the game, he’s really redeemed himself in a way that feels earned, and instead of being seen as a destroyer by others, he’s seen as a savior.

The game is also very pleasing visually. The environments and character designs are filled with lots of details, there’s lots of new areas to explore in the game with great scenery. Along with the soundtrack, it’s also very beautiful and fits with the theme of the game. 

Overall the game is amazing. Playing through the game was really fun, with great characters and a great story.