Canyon Hills Cheerleading Season Comes to an End

The cheerleading season at Canyon Hills was unforgettable to all who participated in the student section and to watchers in the stands at all sporting events. The season ended on April 8th, 2023 according to their official Instagram page via @canyonhillsrattlerscheer.

Canyon Hills Cheerleaders at the 2023 Pep Rally
Canyon Hills Cheerleaders raise up the spirits of students at the 2023 Pep Rally. (Pedersen)

Alongside the cheerleaders, the coaches who made the team possible hosted a cheer banquet on April 18th as a farewell to everyone who participated during the season.

Many of the cheerleaders had their share of opinions on how the whole season experience was and how much fun they had. Senior Linsday Galvan shared her perspective with the involvement and participation during this season.

“I think this was my favorite cheer season, maybe because I’m a senior, but this was my favorite because every year you meet new people.” She shares “It was amazing! I loved this season.”

As the cheerleading season came to an end, many friends and families of the cheerleaders will never forget the memories made while supporting the spirit-bringers at every sporting event they went to. High hopes are being held for the next season that is to come the continuing school year.