Student input used in upcoming Thanksgiving Spirit Week

Student opinion is being heard, as ASB asks for student suggestions in the approaching Spirit Week for Thanksgiving.

With the start of a new year, the ASB class has started anew and gained a fresh perspective on what the following year should look like. 

And, with the coming of the festive holidays, the ASB has decided to take a new twist on student representation here at Canyon Hills, by allowing students to vote on the coming Thanksgiving spirit week.

“Enough people complained about it that we wanted to fix it,” ASB student Matthew Harding said. “So, we put out a poll for the Thanksgiving spirit week”.

Following student criticisms about class representation, the ASB put out a survey concerning ideas for a Spirit Week between the days of the 14th to 18th, right before the start of the Thanksgiving holiday break. 

“I think it’s pretty cool that the ASB is inclusive about the student body,” senior William Nguyen.

Even though the poll has been closed off, many students still see the bright side to this survey, as they feel more included in the events and everyday happenings here at school now that they get an opinion on school events.

So, taking into consideration the student’s opinions in the poll, the ASB has decided on the following for Spirit Week: 

Thanksgiving Spirit Week Schedule
Schedule for Spirit Week from the 14th – 18th (Kevin )

“I think it’s a great idea to have more student representation,” freshmen Erik Olivares said. “It’ll make the events more fun because the students know what they’ll want”.

Although, this is not the first time this year that ASB has asked for student opinion, as senior students were also allowed to vote for their class of 2023 in a Senior Meeting.

This included a vote on the design of their class shirts, along with multiple ways to work on the development of future events like prom and class donations for senior events. 

“I just think it’s generally nice to have more senior voices … that have a direct outcome for the school,” senior O’ryan Nelson said. 

Nevertheless, Canyon Hills high school can expect this year to be like no other, as the student body begins to make more of an impact on the way the school is run. Hopefully, gaining a louder voice as the year goes on.