UK Prime Minister debacle could be problematic for Britain and its allies.


  1. Liz Truss’ resignation after only 6 weeks in office
  2. Rishi Sunak has become the new Prime Minister for the UK under the Conservative party
  3. Boris Johnson attempted to run for a second term after his controversy-ridden resignation

     Saying the Prime Minister’s situation in the UK has been hectic in the last year would be a great understatement of the situation.      

     Within the past year, the UK has had a political meltdown, with their queen dying, Boris Johnson resigning after a bevy of sexual assault allegations against his deputy chief whip, as well as a good portion of his staff resigning, and his party turning against him, as well Liz Truss resigning after only 6 weeks as the PM. 

     Johnson’s resignation left the Conservative Party of the UK in a bad position, as their main man for 3 years had just been blasted by the media and his staff due to their lack of confidence in his leadership abilities. After his staff resignations and media backlash, both the Conservative and Labour parties were forced to turn against him and suggest a resignation.

     After the resignation, Parliament wanted to keep the position of PM occupied, leading to the position being entrusted by Parliament to Conservative Party member Liz Truss.

     During her reign as PM, Truss proposed tax cuts and policies with economic growth in mind, but ultimately they led to a major increase in business import prices, a significant mortgage increase for UK citizens, and the Euro plummeting in value, falling below the dollar for the first time since 2002.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, NATO
Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks with journalists on his way to a NATO summit on June 28th, 2022 (

      After the disastrous effect Truss had on the UK economy, both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party pushed back against her policies which eventually led her to resign after 6 weeks in office. 

     Now that Rishi Sunak has been sworn into the PM position, the UK economic and energy crises will hopefully calm down, but the effects of the last 6 months of drama surrounding Parliament could spell bad news for Britain and its allies in the coming months.

     Despite the history between the US and the UK, Britain has been one of the most reliable, as well as one of the most powerful allies to the states. With the UK in turmoil over leadership and economics, their reliability falls as they urgently have to deal with their native issues. 

     Considering the one issue pretty much every country in the world, Russia, is advancing with threats and actions against the world, having all the help available to the U.S. is key to victory.

     Without having allies that are 100% dedicated to anti-war efforts, the inevitability of nuclear war rapidly accelerates toward the world. Although the UK isn’t our only ally, their absence in a potential conflict would greatly affect America and the whole world, being one of the strongest nations of the modern world.

     All of this is on top of Boris Johnson nearly running for re-election, and only backing out after a personal decision. The fact that Johnson could even be considered for the PM position after his history sets a bad precedent for the political scene of the UK.

     Even though the UK is a strong country, and will likely sort its problems out in due time, it’s the responsibility of the U.S. to support our allies economically and politically, as a country can only be as strong as its allies at the end of the day.