Boy’s Bathroom Closed After Fire Extinguisher Prank

Students ran out of the Media Center boy’s bathroom after it filled with smoke following a fire extinguisher prank, leaving campus supervisors stunned.

In a rush to get to class, students brisked by the Media Center bathroom when it suddenly began to leak white smoke, due to a group of students who sprayed a fire extinguisher in the boy’s bathroom.

This prank was a result of a group of seniors, who got hold of a teacher’s fire extinguisher and set it off in the boy’s bathroom. And, left students coughing and wheezing in an effort to leave the bathroom that day.

“This delves into the issue of safety and destruction of school property,” Associate Principal Nicholas Willis said. 

  Thankfully, no one was left injured by the prank, but that does not mean that the students got off scot-free, as the students responsible for the prank, were suspended for their actions. Yet, the consequences for these senior students have been far more than just a single suspension.

“The School Contract, speaks to things like school pranks and what the consequences will be,” Associate Principal Elizabeth Ward said. “Because, if you do things like that in real life there are going to be real consequences”. 

Restrooms Closed and Cleaned Out After the Prank (Kevin Olivares)

So in line with the contract requirements, these students also received additional repercussions for their participation in this school prank, such as the inability to take part in senior activities and even walking during graduation. 

“We want every student to participate in prom and all of our senior activities,” Counselor Traci Shenault said. “That’s our goal, for all of our seniors to get that opportunity”.

Despite their actions, these senior students still had the chance to appeal their suspension to get back their senior activities.

 Because here at this school, the faculty are not simply out to catch misbehaving students any chance they get, it is much more than that.

They are here to ensure that all students, either exemplary or misbehaving, can get the best out of their high school years, here at Canyon Hills.

“We’re just looking around to make sure that if people are getting a little off track that we are there to encourage them to make good decisions,” Mrs. Ward said.