Canyon Hills Rebranding Continues, But Mascot Not Expected Soon

Anyone who has been to any Canyon Hills games or events recently may have noticed the lack of something very important to any high school, a mascot. Ever since the name change has been conducted, no rattlesnake mascot has been spotted.

According to ASB advisor, Joseph Schmidt, the main reason for the lack of a mascot can be boiled down to two main issues, a lack of funds, and the inability to find a good looking costume. . Due to COVID-19, Canyon Hills made no income last year, and “has to spend this year piling up money,” according to Schmidt. Not only that but finding a good-looking mascot has proven to be a challenge due to most rattlesnake mascots looking far from what the school is searching for. “I mean you can search it on google, most rattlesnake mascots look pretty goofy,” said Schmidt.

Any Canyon Hills veterans may remember that there used to be an old Conquistador mascot that was brought out to games, however, this mascot was “used less and less because of its controversial implications,” said Schmidt. The closer the school got to the name change, the less that the old conquistador mascot was used, for obvious reasons.

With all of this being said, Schmidt did state that “we will definitely have a mascot next year.” Once the funds are collected and once a good design has been found, a mascot will quickly follow. In the meantime, “we will have a Canyon Hills flag this year,” Schmidt said, just like our old Serra High flag.

Even though we do not have a mascot this year, there is still much to look forward to. A new Canyon Hills flag will be brought on campus and a new mascot will be brought onto our games starting next school year.