New Giant Trapdoor Spider Species Unveiled in Australia

Researchers in Australia have just found a new species of these spiders – a rare, giant trapdoor spider that is unique to Central Queensland. The Euoplos Dignitas, as it has been named, is a rare and giant trapdoor spider that is found only in Central Queensland and takes its name from the Latin words for “dignity” or “greatness”.

new spider in australia
Male Euoplos Dignitas on Display at the Queensland Museum
Photo: Queensland Museum

Due to land clearing, a large portion of the habitat of the newly discovered spider has been destroyed, making it highly probable that this species is now endangered upon its recent discovery.

Its first discovery was in the early 20th century but was still unnamed and undescribed due to the lack of experts and research on the species. Later on, a male specimen was used in order to identify the name and species which made it easier to spot and give a name to.

“When you then get to see that through to the end, which is giving a name to that species, and knowing that that species is now known to everyone and can be protected,” says Dr. Jeremy Wilson, arachnology research assistant at the Queens Museum Network.

According to BBC, female spiders of this species can survive for over 20 years in the wild and can reach a length of nearly 2 inches (5 centimeters), while the males can grow to a length of more than 1 inch (3 centimeters). These measurements are significantly larger than the average size of other trapdoor spiders.

The size difference between the two is undeniable which makes finding and possibly saving the endangered species easier than before in the early 20th century. Trapdoor spiders typically lunge for smaller prey who stride near their burrows. This makes the species a non-threat to humans.