CHHS merchandise spurs debate

Approaching their last year at CHHS, juniors are riled up to represent their grade pride by developing merch representing students graduating in 2024. The Class of 2024 Instagram page held a poll vote for the design options (seen below). They came out with three choices of designs with the practical school colors red and black.

chhs senior merchandise
Canyon Hills High School releases new
merch for the class of 2024 leaving some juniors unsatisfied with the design decisions.

With the various options for the vote, option 3 was favored with an overall score total of 56%. The design was created by a team at Canyon Hills ASB junior representatives. This design was much in favor of by a majority of students however, many other juniors had contradicting opinions on the finalized score. 

“It looks like a design you can find off of Shein,” Ralph Berry, junior attending CHHS, expressed anxiously after being asked, “What are your thoughts on the chosen hoodie designs for the class of 2024?” Berry agrees that the class of 2024 can wear clothing that is more creatively delineated. Another junior, Caroline Torres exclaims, “I want to show people that us Juniors are creative and outgoing so I was disappointed to see the basic design on the Juniors hoodies.”

A total of 52 students shared that they would likely rather wear another design of choice on merchandise than what had already been chosen. 

With others dispirited by the merch others find the hoodies simple yet very representative of the students’ school pride. With everything finalized merchandise have been sold via to the Class of 2024 CHHS Instagram account. T-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks have been published on Fee Details website for otters to order online.  Merchandise is also sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays at room 1022 during school lunch.