Seniors: Clear all absences and tardies

  It is very important for seniors to prioritize their absences and tardies, as graduation and prom is approaching for senior students. You are only allowed to have 7 tardies and absences in total to participate in senior activities. Administrators and teachers are encouraging students to attend Saturday School frequently, giving students a chance to clear up their attendance in hopes of all students to attend their graduation.

tardy student walking the halls
Seniors may find themselves at the end of the year unable to participate in senior activities if they haven’t cleared their tardies and unexcused absences. (Vivi Dinh)

  Ayla Jones, a junior student attending Canyon Hills High School states that “If students have the opportunity in front of them, the most you can do is show effort by going to Saturday school. Saturday school seems to benefit many students”. 

  Maya Evans, a senior student at Canyon Hills High School states “If i needed to go to saturday school i would take the chance to do so to clear my attendance, Many people are trying their best to clear their absences and tardies before the school year ends”. 

  Jayleen Santana, a senior student at Canyon Hills High School mentions “I have been attending Saturday School frequently to clear up my attendance, Many seniors goals is to maintain their attendance for their citizenships as well as trying to avoid adding up more tardies and absences that they’ll have to clear later on, especially because the last few months are approaching”. 

 Mariya Brown, a senior student at Canyon Hills High School states that “Students need to hold themselves accountable for what they are in control of, if their attendance is increasing its best to talk to your consular or attend saturday school for that reason. It is common for kids to slack on their grades/attendance but that’s why you hear about it so often with teachers and counselors encouraging them because it’s not too late and it’s important to at least show that you are trying”.