Vape and get sent to class: McAlister Program on campus

McCallister is a program for teens on Canyon Hills High School campus to enroll in to learn the true facts behind different drugs such as the two main substances students are caught abusing on school grounds, Nicotine and Mirajuanna.

McAlister Drug and Alcohol program helps CHHS students return to sobriety.

Getting caught by a counselor when using substances on campus can be approached either two ways. One, a legal guardian is given a call to inform them of a student’s substance abuse and you are given a one day suspension that is shown on a permanent record. Second, you are suggested to partake in a program for one hour every two days a week. After 12 sessions at McCallister you are released with no suspension. It is held in room 212 near the vending machines at 3:40 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This education course is held by a staff member who works at the company who comes twice a week to teach students the causes and defects substance use can have on one’s body or future. The purpose of having high schoolers informed on the precautions of drug use does not guarantee the prevention but more of creating a safety net for the high schoolers that rely on abusing substances for any reason and helps shows the potential each of them hold that can be used to better their future.

During these sessions you are given packets to fill out that helps one open up more to what they are dealing with. From educational videos to group activities to grow a bond, McAlister holds more importance than preventing teens from using but more of showing how much one can succeed in life in a positive way. 

“I feel like no one really wants to be stuck in a drug education class but I really underestimated it. It showed me that I can resolve life and school issues without using it and I’ve been sober ever since I finished all the sessions.” An anonymous sophomore’s input on the program.