COVID strikes CHHS students again

We are all aware that COVID is a problem that we are still trying to solve and will be constrained by for as long as it exists. We must continue to look out for ourselves and take the necessary precautions to ensure our safety and well-being.

covid outbreak in spring
Canyon Hills students have been dealing with a COVID outbreak on campus, and many are wondering what precautions if any need to be taken.

I don’t believe anyone anticipated or even thought about the COVID outbreak from the outset. Nobody anticipated that we would shift from being on a school campus to being online for such a long period of time. COVID eventually helped a lot of people understand how callous and unappreciative people can be.

When we were allowed to return to school, we had to always wear a mask. Canyon Hills managed to get by despite having a lot to adjust to, and later on in the school year we are able to stop wearing masks. Even though the majority of people, not all, were no longer donning masks, they nonetheless exercised caution and stayed safe.

I think that as time went on and the mask requirement was dropped, we grew accustomed to being less cautious around people. Receiving emails from the school frequently claiming that you have frequent interaction with someone who had or had COVID is alarming. Even if students don’t have the common cold, going to school unwell still has an economic impact since it spreads from person to person—even teachers might get sick as a result of their students. This has caused both students and teachers to start using masks once more and take greater safety measures.

This outbreak serves as a reminder that society is beginning to care less than it once did and that we must improve both for our own sake and the sake of those around us. COVID might never go away, therefore everyone should consider doing everything they can to reduce its prevalence both inside and outside of our school.