Disney announces new movie sequels in light of major subscriber drop

In recent months, there has been a noticeable drop in subscribers to Disney+, losing nearly 2.4 billion subscribers in 2022. This decline in viewership has caused concern among Disney executives when this has been the streaming giant’s first heavy decline since its release in late 2019.

disney sequels
Popular Disney movies that are receiving sequels in the coming year(s). (Disney)

One of the key strategies employed by Disney is to release new movie sequels to generate more interest in their streaming service. According to Bob Iger, recently returned Disney CEO, Disney is investing heavily in the production of new sequels to popular movies. 

These include projects such as a follow-up to the hit animated film Frozen, a new Zootopia movie, and a continuation of the popular Toy Story franchise. Frozen will be receiving it’s third movie after Frozen 2 received critical acclaim and netted nearly 1.5 billion dollars at the box office.

Zootopia is also receiving a sequel as of next year, after a hiatus of the fan-favorite franchise. All of this news was released to company investors by Iger at a Disney conference.

Despite the recent decline in subscribers, Disney remains optimistic about the future of Disney+. The company has a long history of producing successful entertainment properties, and with its ongoing investments in new content and platform improvements, they are well positioned to regain its momentum and continue to grow its subscriber base.