Electric vehicles should be more affordable

It seems like every day we get news on some big new EV Sports Car/Truck. From the Tesla Roadster to the GMC Hummer EV, and most recently Ford Announced a New 1000+ horsepower F-150 Lightning concept under their performance line of insane high end race cars.

evs 2023
While more electric vehicles are popping up on the market, the average price has yet to fall significantly. (John Beltz Snyder from Autoblog, & CNET)

With prices overall being in the multiple hundreds of thousands with some cars, such as Lucid, being a relatively new company which aims to be the pinnacle of Luxury EV’s. This would be competing with multiple other companies both old and new, With some manufacturers including Porsche, Mercedes, and Polestar.

Which in a hypothetical sense should sound good. However, there is one major problem with all of these; they are incredibly too expensive for the general public. To even think about purchasing, with the baseline model  for the “Lucid Air Touring” starting at ~$107,400. Or Mercedes with their “EQS 450+” starting around $102,310. And the “GMC Hummer EV” which starts at a colossal $110,295 for the edition 1 package.

However there is one major catch with all this, the focus seems to be in the wrong area with EVs. With some states, and even countries, banning the sale of gas cars in the coming years, forcing people to find a cheap option for EVs when there are few and far between, just for certain tax benefits.

Granted it isn’t like those states and countries are going to outlaw combustion engine cars, but it surely will have an impact on the second hand market for said Gas and Diesel cars, making it even more difficult for those who can barely afford a car in today’s market.