McDonald’s Testing Their Strawless Lids

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, the burger chain based in Chicago is trialing a lid design that eliminates the need for plastic straws. This innovative lid allows customers to consume their beverages without worrying about spills or requiring an extra straw.

mcdonalds strawless lid
Test model of the McDonalds strawless lid (McDonald’s)

McDonald’s set a goal in 2018 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 36% by 2030. They’ve also swapped some plastic toys in their Happy Meals for paper-based toys that customers can put together themselves.

Meleana Altomare, a Senior from Canyon Hills High School, disagrees with the strawless lid idea.

“I want McDonalds to keep their regular lids at least as a second option since I believe the strawless lids will use more plastic than the old regular lids which might cause major problems later on.”

Eliseo Noriega, senior and former football player at Canyon Hills High School mentions that he also disagrees with the strawless lids.

“I’m very fidgety with things so I like to chew on the straws since it’ll help me while I’m doing my work or sometime before my football games I would either chew on gum or straws from my drink and I’m sure lots of others agree with this as well.”

Estefan Juarez, senior at Canyon Hills High School, says that he agrees with the change.

“This reminds me of the Starbucks strawless lids which makes drinking your soda while traveling from place to place much easier in my opinion.”