Mr. Runge returns after three months

English teacher Mr. Runge rushed to the emergency room to run tests on his heart on October 18. As a result, his classes were substituted for 3 months until his return on January 23. 

Welcome back Mr. Runge
Welcome back Mr. Runge (Charlton School)

“I was suddenly called into the hospital last week, and now have heart surgery scheduled for this Thursday.  I will not return until (tentatively) the beginning of 2023 after Winter Break” (Google Classroom Announcement, Paul Runge). 

Since October, Runges’ students have had a substituted class, and issues with assignments. Substituting his class was Jennifer Perrault. With no access to PowerSchool, assignments weren’t getting put into gradebooks and were very delayed leaving students stressed about their grades. 

Over the past 90 days of their teachers’ absence, students couldn’t wait to be greeted by their teacher in class once he returned, and have everything running smoothly again. 

“It was definitely different and weird having a sub for so long, but we are all glad Mr. Runge is back and better than ever.” Senior Neveah Salas stated. 

Mr. Runge has now since been back, healthy, and ready to get things back on track.