Poll: Which sport is most popular at CHHS?

Although not known for its sports, Canyon Hills High School has many current and past athletes who play on school teams and outside of school.

Out of a total of fifty-two surveyed students, only four never played a sport, and six used to play a sport(s). 

The least popular sport among the surveyed was tied between three sports: equestrian, badminton, and dance. With only a total of one person for each of the above-listed sports. 

For the placing of the second least popular sport at CHHS, only two students participate in these sports: lacrosse, color guard, and gymnastics.

Surprisingly only two sports came into the placing of the third least popular sport, volleyball and baseball, with only three students saying they play or have played baseball or volleyball.

With only one more place left before the most popular sport is announced, the runner-up sports go to cheer, track, water polo, and field hockey. Each of these sports had four people who said they played the sport. 

The two most popular sports among students are basketball and football, which might not be surprising to some as they are also two of the most popular sports in America.

Canyon Hills High School might not be known for all its sports teams, but it is home to many current and past competitive athletes.