Ken Block Tragically Dies in Snowmobile Accident

  Ken Block was a Professional Rally and stunt driver along with being the founder of hoonigan. Hoonigan is a Lifestyle brand that sells various car parts in collaboration with Throtl to promote a lifestyle in line with what they’re known for. Ken Block was their main driver for all the stunts and tricks,

       Hoonigan also hosted a yearly video series known as “Gymkhana” which included Ken Drifting and jumping around numerous places such as Las Vegas, London, France, and Louisiana. Where he pushed Cars to the absolute limit in every regard.

Remembering Ken Block
Ken Block Tragically Dies in Snowmobile Accident (Hoonigan)

With some of the Hoonigan cars making it into video games such as The Forza Horizon series, The Gran Turismo series, and the Assetto Corsa series. 

      His legacy spans all the way back to 2005 when he made his debut in the WRC (World Rally Championship) Circuit in Mexico

      Later in his career, he would partner with multiple mainline automobile companies such as Ford, Subaru, Audi, and Porsche

      Sadly, however, earlier this month, he passed away after a snowmobile accident 

In which the snowmobile landed on him and killed him, Just shy of 18 years of stunts and racing all to come to a tragic end by a snowmobile.