Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio is a Puerto Rican musical artist known as “Bad Bunny” that has grown in numbers over the years.

students standing ready to listen to music
Junior students Alfredo Suarez and Gaston Patito are going to listen to Anuel AA and Bad Bunny later at the party (Gio Hernandez)

Bunny has competed to be number one in Puerto Rico along with his rival Anuel AA. Anuel AA is a legend in Puerto Rico since 2016 and has had the movement of music go worldwide.

Anyways, Anuel’s son Bad Bunny has had lots of changes throughout his career. From going to rapping for his people in Puerto Rico to singing to his fans worldwide.

Bad Bunny and Anuel are both really talented artists, but Anuel AA is one level higher. The only reason people hate Anuel is because he broke up with Karol G, a really beautiful lady even though she’s only famous because of her collaborations with Ozuna, Bad Bunny, and Anuel which all surpassed 200 million views on Youtube.

Away from that topic, Anuel AA has made an impact worldwide and because of his songs, “La Occasion”, and “Esclava Remix”, Bad Bunny had it easier because “Latin Trap” was the main topic in Latin America because of those songs.

Bad Bunny is this year’s most streamed artist on Spotify and has been since 2020. Also, Bad Bunny has the most streamed album of the year, “Un Verano Sin Ti”.

Although Anuel AA’s debuting album, “Real Hasta La Muerte” and Ozuna’s, “Odisea” album are the best in Latin history, Bunny has had lots of people listen to his album this year.