Many seniors are getting more absences and tardies. Here’s why that’s important.

After the last 3 years of COVID, many seniors have been looking forward to a more laid back, normal year, but that is starting to cause problems for some. Many seniors are beginning to pile up absences and tardies, which can venture into bigger consequences if action to excuse their tardies or absences isn’t taken soon.

empty classroom
CHHS Seniors with many absences and tardies may be setting themselves up for a tough spring semester in Saturday School.

Absences have always been something that has always been seen as something to avoid for all classes of high school, but they are especially crucial for many senior privileges. These privileges include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Walking at graduation
  2. Prom and other school dances
  3. Senior Activities

Despite their seeming insignificance, absences can really do a number on your options as a senior, and can lessen your chances of doing what you want to do with your last year of high school. 

Along with losing certain privileges, absences can also affect your citizenship in certain classes, as can tardies. Poor citizenship, if not fixed, can snowball into not being able to graduate at the end of the year, which is basically the worst case scenario for any senior.

If tardies and absences have this much consequence, does that mean that they are unavoidable, permanent stains on our highschool records? The answer is no, as there are methods to completely clear absences and tardies within your record to keep it squeaky clean. 

The first method is having a parent clear the absence for you. Obviously if you were absent without your parent’s knowledge, this likely won’t work in your favor, but if you were, having your parents call in to the front office to clear your absences is an easy way to clear up any holes in attendance. 

Another way to clean up your record is to attend CORE Academy, also known as Saturday school. Many despise Saturday school, as it takes away from the short weekend break that students get, but considering each attendance of CORE Academy can clear up to 5 periods of tardies, as well as any unexcused absences, it’s well worth the 1 or 2 extra Saturdays spent in school. 

The idea of tardies and absences affecting your high school experience this much is one that many don’t realize the importance of until it’s too late, so it’s important to keep on top of everything to make your last year in high school the best it can be.