ELEVATED holds annual sticker shock campaign at Country Wine & Spirits

Club ELEVATED holding Sticker Shock Campaign at Country Wine & Spirits in Tierrasanta on the 19th to provide consumers a message about preventing underage drinking and driving under the influence during the holidays.

Club Elevated gathers for event
President Nicholas Alcorn presenting at last year’s Sticker Shock Campaign (Stacy Chiles)

The stickers are a reminder of the underage drinking law making it illegal to provide alcohol to anyone under the age of twenty-one.

“San Diego’s Social Host Ordinance holds party hosts accountable for underage drinking,” ELEVATED Advisor Stacy Chiles says.

ELEVATED will be speaking about the Social Host Ordinance law during their presentation. The presentation will include speakers from the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and club members Kyle Estep, Nicholas Alcorn, and Krysvianah Perlas

“It doesn’t directly focus on underage drinking itself but being safe if underage drinking occurs” Perlas explained.

The law is a direct reminder that underage drinking could occur in any home including your own.

“We try to convince people who drink to be safe around the holidays and not to give drinks out to kids at parties or driving under the influence,” Perlas says.

Driving under the influence is common and occurs frequently, especially after house parties.

“Around these three weeks there are more car crashes due to drinking so it’s just a warning for others to be safe during the holiday season” Perlas ends.