‘World Population has reached 8 billion people as of November’

The world population has finally reached 8 billion according to the United Nations. This is seen as a milestone in the ever-expanding world and sets a new precedent for how we see population-related topics in the modern world.

Some see this as an achievement for humanity, while many others believe that this is a continuation of the ongoing struggles we face with overpopulation and the crowding of the earth.

“I don’t think that we can really solve the overpopulation problem without extreme measures,” says Senior Adrian Aguilar, “I can’t imagine how we will fare in the future.”

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Debates arise over concerns about humanity’s growth in population over the years (GettyImages)

Many also cite major issues within our society, and how a good amount of them link to population problems and the crowded cities that house citizens and businesses alike. These issues tend to be topics like homelessness and housing crises, the lack of job opportunities, and overcrowded cities.

Despite worries about population growth and its unseen consequences, some are optimistic about the expansion of humanity.

Some see population growth as a means of expansion and sustenance of humans on earth, wanting to further the reach humanity has within the known universe.

“It’s better that we’re growing rather than shrinking in population,” says Senior Jason Dan. “Space exploration gives us more room to safely expand.”

As time goes on, population growth will only become more and more of a hot-button issue, causing debates to escalate and affect our lives more. Even with the debate, many can agree that humanity has come a long way in the short 200,000 years spent on the planet.