Club Elevated reveals Creative Contest winners

ELEVATED reveals and rewards the top three winners of the Red Ribbon Week Creative Contest.

The contest was advertised on flyers handed out to classrooms offering a prize to the winners. Students were given the prompt to write a message about their past, including elements such as mental health and substance abuse.

top 3 winners from the contest
Students of all grades were allowed to participate in the contest (Krysvianah Perlas)

Prizes were also given to students who participated and sent in a submission to the contest.

“Prizes were given to participants because they allowed themselves to be vulnerable and it takes guts sometimes for people to open up” ELEVATED President Krysvianah Perlas states.

Many students had given feedback on the contest including what they did or did not like, and if they wished to participate again. Others wanted to participate in the contest after hearing about the different prizes.

“I saw the prompt after the contest had ended and I really liked that the prompt was sort of a self-reflection,” 10th-grade student Leah Cardona says.

With positive feedback, Club ELEVATED is sure to come back with more creative contests surrounding youth health and different topics students want to speak up about.