ASB President is Changing up the Scene

She’s shooting for the stars. She’s planning to make a change. She’s bringing bright new ideas. Ensuring every voice is heard and focusing on the growth of the students here at Canyon Hills High School.

Mia Clark is confidently striding through her senior year of high school as the ASB president, taking charge of this year’s events to help make her ambitious goals a reality. Choosing to highlight mental health this year and give students room to grow and prosper.

Mia Clark a Senior and ASB President
Senior and ASB President Mia Clark

What is the Canyon Hills High School ASB?

Often compared to and labeled as the event planners, the ASB classroom is a community of closely knit students who have, year in and year out continued to play a big role in the CHHS community.

They are here to create a stronger sense of unity between the students, both through large events and within their daily routines.

“We listen to what students want from us,” ASB student Lindsay Griffin said. “So we can put it into action and promote the community within the school.”

However, in light of the pandemic, the ASB has been in shambles in the past years due to concerns that came with the Covid-19 pandemic—creating a disorganized and often difficult environment for its ASB students, as they continued to work around the safety and well-being of the students.

“With the comeback from Covid, ASB was more on the down low,” English teacher Katherine Amos said. “Although under Mia’s leadership, ASB has become a much more active and vibrant presence, as we all are recovering from Covid.”

Starting from the ground up, Mia Clark has big plans this year as she brings back the ASB community to its former glory; wanting to create change on a deeper level.

“I want to be able to provide a space for people who aren’t about the big events,” Mia Clark said. “And, create a culture where people can learn to be conscious of themselves.” 

Seeking to appeal to all the students, Clark is finding a variety of solutions to include those who may not be as interested in large events, with some of her changes already being felt.

This includes the ASB’s now growing social media presence, student representation, and even freshmen class presentations to introduce students to the new Canyon Hills school community.

Not to mention, the ASB has also had great contributions towards this year’s spirit weeks and pep rally events. Which are only a small taste of what the students can expect from ASB this year, as they continue to plan for future events and work on upcoming school events and dances.

So get ready students of Canyon Hills, because under Clark’s leadership this year, ASB might just take the whole school by surprise.

“I want to do something that has never been done before,” Mia Clark said.