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There’s More To It Than What Meets The Eye

When people tend to talk and bring up the military there are usually two sides to things. One is that people joined the military as a last resort and they just didn’t want to go to college so they opted for the military or were forced by their family to join. The other way is, people joined because they had family or friends who inspired them and they want to protect our country against invading threats. Now while both these sides can be valid there aren’t a lot of facts, just assumptions behind either of these. Every person is different and has their different reasonings for joining the military which creates a broad spectrum. As of November 8, 2023 we had about 1.3 million people that were enlisted in the military. Which may seem like a lot of people but that only makes up about less than 1% of all U.S adults. The military had just recently changed the rules that they are accepting recruits from 17-39 because they need more people to stay in since there are a lot of them retiring. 


While in the military there are a variety of different jobs that people can have that continue to have the military running. There is something for everyone to do and for some people this is their whole career not a back up plan. You can work actually on a ship on the weapon systems, maintenance, up with the captain, doctors, dentist, or many other jobs while on there. They also have jobs on the shore, even some in offices. Being in the military is like a regular job in the perks aspect because you get paid, free healthcare, better insurance, etc. The harder you work at your job the easier it will be for you to open up future options and rank up which in turn increases your pay. 


While this all may sound nice, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Especially when having a family it tends to make things more difficult. Every year you get a certain amount of days you are allowed to take off but you can save them up if needed. If something was to happen that you would need to take off you use those days to do so. Often with the military you move around every few years which can be an amazing thing because you get to go all over and potentially overseas. On the other hand it can have the opposite effect and be really hard on the kids. 


I asked my best friend Sarah Jackson to share what she thought of being a military child both positive and negative. ¨ I got to move around a lot and meet new people and experience different cultures while being in a multicultural household. It made me want to explore the world more and break that fear of taking new steps. For example, I took the chance to go to youth conferences in Tokyo and make new friends and military life as a kid. It made me treasure the moments in life more and make the most of it while it lasts. And I still keep in contact with some people and we will have future reunions and make even greater memories.¨


Since her mom was in the military it made her more diverse as a person because of what she was able to experience. Thanks to my dad I was able to feel the same way she has. Knowing that the world is bigger than what is just in your little bubble is something that is very knowledgeable and a strong skill to have. 



¨Now for the cons, I have to leave my friends behind. I don’t have a choice for that and I miss it because I get too comfortable. Or when your friends leave behind you, the memories are there but gives me hope I’ll see them again soon. And there’s always noise from aircrafts, ships, helicopters, etc. it’s hard to sleep but I know they are training for us. Also, my mom goes on deployment for too long and I end up missing her a lot even though I’m a senior.¨

As a military kid myself I have experienced all of these feelings and experiences because of how much we moved around. The kids have no choice in the matter and neither do the parents really in what happens when they move. It depends on the kid and how old they are that moving could affect them so much. It’s not just the changing of location it’s the friends you make, the school, etc. when moving to that new place once again you are the new kid who has to open up and make new friends that you will move away from in 2-3 years again. As a kid it was a hard concept to understand because it wasn’t easy to understand why you wouldn’t stay in that one place with your friends but that’s just how it was. 


Another thing  is there is something called a deployment. Basically it is when you’re in the military on a ship they will have you go different places around the world for a variety of reasons. It could be as long as it is needed and it causes the dependents to be separated from their families and communication is often very limited. This can be challenging because you have no control when or the duration of the deployments and because of your job you could be gone constantly which affects both you and if you have a family back home. 

There seems to be a lot of negatives¨ but it’s not a hopeless job. You will continually have steady income and you don’t get fired from the military unless you commit a felony level offense and get caught or going against the rules that have been set in place for you to follow. They are so strict because this is the defense that America has against invading threats and they want the best of people to be involved and as many people as they can.        


It is interesting to see how everyone has their own experience with being a military child. I asked Audrey Mercado, and she had to say this ¨Being in the military for me started when I was 7 years old. From a young age I would have to leave every few years to move somewhere else. Along the way though I would make many friends each move and they kept me happy. Before making friends though I would have to get used to moving, making friends, and living in a new environment. I was never a fan of meeting new people  so anytime I went to a new school I was scared and didn’t want to be there. But after time I learned to make friends on my own and pushed myself out of my comfort zone just so I wouldn’t be alone. Those were really the only downsides of being a military child. The good thing about it is that I wasn’t stuck in the same house, with the same friends, same schools or the same neighborhood until graduation. Moving around alot can help you for college life just by being in a new environment with new people. You also get the chance of being away from your hometown.¨ 

It’s cool to see how even though you can be a military kid you can have a totally different view of things compared to someone else. That’s what makes it so unique and can give people the inspiration to join. Not everyone but a lot of people in the military want their kids to join and follow in their footsteps which isn´t that appealing to everyone. Some parents even force their kid and not give them other options which can cause them to resent joining and then ruining that potential for them.


You can also go to college while you are serving and they will help pay for your college. So if you want to go and have a career after the military you can go to college online but sometimes in person and as long as you pass your classes they will pay for it. If you were someone who wanted to go to college you could sign a short contract for the military and attend college to help cover your future cost and having less debt in the future. You might even find that you like your job enough to continue before moving on in life to something else. 


Posing the question of like tell me how being a military kid has kind of helped make who you are today Martavia said ¨ It helped see and understand people more and be less closed off, I give really good advice because I know what it’s like or I have a sense of losing control over relationships with others and life. It also made me more hesitant to talk to people because I am scared i will like them and never see them again and the relationships I make or just for nothing¨ 


She has a good outlook on life even with her not being in control which is a good thing to have. She’s grown more and can recognize that because of her upbringing she´s more outgoing. As well as, she can give

people advice on the ups and downs of being a military child and how to navigate through the tough times. She also realizes that she has a fear of talking to people because she will end up leaving them in a few years anyways. Martavia exclaimed that ¨leaving friends and family, deployment not being around my dad or mom, having to live with someone else when both parents are deployed, and different school systems make it tough for her despite growing up. On the contrary ¨ going different places, experiencing new cultures and worlds, and meeting new people¨. 


These three girls are not alone in how they feel with their experiences. All of them have different backgrounds and lived in different destinations so every person is different. The military is a vast workforce so there can be a job for anyone depending on their skill set. This could heavily affect the lives of you and your family on what route that you decide to choose so make the best decision for you. In conclusion, the military has pros and cons just like any job. Starting off fresh out of highschool can help start your life but college it is up to you what you decide to do. There is great opportunity out there so don’t forget to look at all the resources because in the end there is always more to it then what meets the eye. 

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