Motivation wanes among seniors as events continue to be canceled


COVID has robbed high school students of their passion and enthusiasm. ASB advisor and Dean of students Joe Schmidt says “It’s hard for students to stay motivated with stuff continuously being shut down.”

Postponed! This flyer was posted on the ASB instagram account after they had to cancel it due to COVID. This is next to the many rallies and dances that have been postponed for the same reason.

The district has changed the COVID protocols multiple times this year, leaving ASB to come up with ideas to engage with students and create a fun and positive environment around campus.

Senior class president Destiny Lewis has had a challenging year so far. Having limited participation in fundraisers-and fundraisers being put on hold due to rule changes-has made her job extremely difficult.

Lewis states “Our Powderpuff has been postponed twice because of the change in covid regulations. When we rescheduled we thought everything was fine until they had a meeting and rethought everything.”

ASB President, senior Karissa Andrade has also had to face challenges this virus has put in front of her. Since ASB has only been able to put on one dance in two years, they have had limited opportunities to make money to keep putting on activities for students.

They had their first homecoming dance in October after two years. Andrade said, “We sold around 600 tickets and it was super successful.”

Everyone has tried to stay positive and hopeful about the rules that the district put out, but they don’t enforce them. Some high schools in SDUSD have had rallies and dances since they have put out strict protocols.

“I’m all in favor of doing what’s good for the greater good, but the districts having equal expectations for all schools would be nice,” says Schmidt.

Canyon Hills has also faced the challenge of rebranding. Having COVID shut down opportunities for students to have school spirit has made things difficult. Schmidt says “The rebranding coinciding with covid is tough, and I think we are going to find our voice.”

As everyone tries to find some positive light out of the situation, the students of Canyon Hills have stayed resilient and hopeful for the future.