Preparing for finals

It’s the last two weeks of school. June has bloomed, and classes are closing out their curriculums. But, there’s one last thing before we leave for summer vacation: finals.

chhs finals
CHHS junior Sam Harris studying for his final exams.
Source: Jasmine Tran

This year, finals for seniors are June 7th-June 9th, while everyone else’s finals take up the last week of school, June 12th-June 14th. So, how should everyone prepare?

Generally, teachers here give out two separate types of finals: exams, and projects. For students, this means they may take multiple exams. But how should they study?

“Start studying as early as possible,” said William Adams, CHHS statistics and integrated math II teacher. “And for studying things like math and certain sciences, just trying to read your notes is usually not enough. You want to actually practice the problem[s], that’s the best way to prepare for any type of test. Not just reading examples but actually trying problems and working them out.”

For students completing projects, it is highly recommended to manage time wisely and to do some work on their projects each day to finish it on time (instead of, perhaps, cramming it all the night before).

“In chemistry class, we have a set time frame for what we should work on every day,” said CHHS junior Sam Harris. “I really like it, it makes it easier to follow instead of just having a few days to work.”

Finals, whether they are exams, projects, or mixes of both, are a stressful time for everyone. However, it is entirely possible to get through it, and once they’re over, it’s vacation time. Good luck everyone!