The First Mascot of Canyon Hills High School

From 1976 to the Fall of 2021 our school was known as Junipero Serra High School and our mascot was a conquistador. In the Fall of 2021, though, students and people in Tierrasanta’s community petitioned to change the theme and name of our school. We are now the Canyon Hills Rattlesnakes, and our mascot is (currently) Reggie the Rattler. 

The first ever appearance of the mascot during the last pep rally of the school year
The first-ever appearance of the mascot was during the last pep rally of the school year. (@chhsphotodesign_misterp)

Tryouts were done March 14-15th of this year and the mascot was eventually revealed during the last pep rally of the year. 

The mascot was energetic and high-spirited, dancing around and encouraging the students to be as well. His presence was natural and obviously appreciated. 

The person within the mascot remains a mystery but says they absolutely love the experience, even having been a mascot before in previous schools. They credit their high energy and commitment to their success in being the mascot.

“I had past experience in mascoting, I used to be the mascot for my old school so I’m used to performing in front of big crowds,” Reggie said. “It’s fun, I love it [mascoting.] I really like bringing the school spirit, and all the hype around it.”

While his name is currently Reggie there was a poll where people could enter possible names so it may not be the same in the coming days.

Reggie has but one thing to say to students. “Take photos with the mascot! It’s fun”