Unlike any other: Experiencing the Lantern Light Festival

Almost everyone has seen the movie “Tangled” which features Rapunzel wanting to leave her tower to experience the “floating lights”, which were really lanterns. She then sees the lanterns and was fascinated by their beauty. The Lantern Lights Festival shows exactly why she was so amazed, this festival was truly a beautiful experience.

lantern light festival
Floating lanterns lit by the Lantern Light Festival participants.
(Haley Harville)

The Lantern Lights Festival is a gathering of people who want to share a joyful, fulfilling, and remarkable experience. Some individuals may come to this festival to enjoy a beautiful time with their family and friends, while others may come to the festival to honor loved ones who have passed. 

Every participant who buys a ticket receives a lantern, marker, and bracelet to keep for memories. With miles of land and hundreds of tiki torches, this is definitely a big event. While waiting to light your lanterns, there are many different types of food trucks to choose from and many photo taking opportunities. There is also a live music performance before and during the lighting of the lanterns. 

When it’s time to light your lanterns, people come around and light your tiki torches and then they give a small description on what to do. There is then a countdown where everyone starts lighting their lanterns and then the whole sky is filled with lit lanterns and it is truly something spectacular. This lantern experience is definitely something that everyone should attend too. For more information you can look at their website to find out when there are more events happening.