Ms. McCarty Wins The January Teacher Spotlight

Ms. McCarty has won this month’s teacher spotlight, and it’s no surprise. Ms. McCarty is a household name. From her ‘Friday Feelings’ to the cozy atmosphere of her classroom, Ms. McCarty is easily one of the best teachers to have in high school. Her being so many people’s favorite teacher, Ms. McCarty is extremely grateful and surprised by this win.

mccarty teaching spotlight
Ms. McCarty going over class lesson in her 11th grade class (Haley Harville)

“I feel surprised. I feel also a lot of gratitude, it makes me feel good- like I’m doing something right” she said. “Even after being told so many times that I’m a student’s favorite teacher, I stay humble. I’ve always been taught from an early age not to be egotistical or prideful,”.

Ms. McCarty credits this win to her warm personality and environment, as well as the dynamic she has with her students.

She stated “I feel like I have a very welcoming environment in my class and then I also try to see my students as people, and I hope that they feel like I see them as human beings and not just another student,”.

This is clear in McCarty’s teaching, as she not only focuses on making her students successful but also creating a safe space for them in her classroom.

“Yes, I’m worried about curriculum, I’m worried about academics and skills, but I also think that being a teenager is hard and I just want you to feel welcomed at the school you attend,” said McCarty. 

Ms. McCarty would like it to be known that just because teachers like her value the safety and happiness of their students, it is no excuse to take advantage of their kindness.

“I want student to be most aware of how they treat the teachers that give them respect and kindness, and to be grateful that someone is providing an environment like that to them”

Most of all, though, she asks that students provide the same respect and kindness to each other.

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