Canyon Hills classes take a trip to UCSD and SDSU

The one field trip I really remember is one I took in kindergarten to SeaWorld. It was so fun and simple, getting to see the different marine life and run around somewhere besides the tiresome playground that was there everyday.

aerial view of SDSU
San Diego State University wide campus view.
(SDSU News Team)

They were like a fun way of learning and there truly aren’t enough field trip opportunities once you enter high school. There are not many more of those times to really look back on, to reminisce about the experience and knowledge gained with your friends and peers. But these experiences aren’t absolutely nonexistent in high school.

Just a few weeks ago, the Avid and Personal Leadership classes took a college trip together to University of California San Diego (UCSD) and San Diego State University (SDSU) and got to tour both campuses. Including their dining halls, classrooms, and even a personal dorm.

It was an exciting trip for many of the Juniors and Seniors, to not only be able to get out of school, but be able to get some guidance about everything college related from classes to dorms. However, while it was an enriching experience, the strong downpour that day made it a bit hard for some people.

Senior Emily Melendez who went on the trip says, “I was pretty excited for the trip, initially, it was still enjoyable but a bit uncomfortabe too because my clothes were drenched and it was super cold”

Everyone was soaked and cold, making focusing not the top priority anymore.

Although the rain had made the trip a bit more chaotic, many students thought it was still a wonderful and useful experience. We were able to hear about how much dorm life can cost, how to keep motivated in college as well as the social life there.

Chances like these offer a more thoughtful way of relaying knowledge on certain topics to students, and with this college trip Seniors already applying got the chance to scope out both campuses and get a sense of how it feels to be there and if they think that’s a fit for them.

“Originally I wanted to go on the field trip because I thought it could just be fun, but it was also really helpful. I already applied to SDSU and being on the campus gave me more as to what it might feel like, being on campus” says Senior, Lia Nichols.

While not many classes take field trips that have a genuine and positive impact on students, AVID and Personal Leadership do. Both classes can be extremely beneficial to take and are a must to be considered when picking in the spring.