Booming inflation impacting Gen-Z teenagers

Adulting teens’ futures, younger teens are being impacted by rising inflation, rising prices making it

inflation over last 12 months 2022
12 month inflation rate in the United States from Jan 2020 to Sep 2022. (Statista)

difficult to enter adulthood and spend money on their regular day to day teenage expenses. 

Both high school students and those heading into adulthood are being heavily impacted by the rise in inflation. 

High School students regularly spend money on: 

  • Gas
  • Activities with friends such as concerts and movies
  • Food (going out to eat)
  • Online shopping

 And those entering adulthood (seniors) are going to be heading towards having to worry about college expenses and living expenses, which are rising more and more. 

“Going out to do stuff with my friends on the weekends is not cheap, if we want to go out to get food or do something it costs money and it’s so expensive,” says senior Alissa Ketchum.

“Everything costs money, and everything is getting more and more expensive, so it’s not cheap at all to go and have fun with my friends if we want to do something other than just sit around,” senior Meleana Altomare says.

“I’m worried about my future because pretty soon I’m gonna have to worry about more expenses like rent and college and other stuff,” Ketchum explains. 

Teenagers’ futures are going to be heavily impacted by inflation if it continues to rise at this rate. Increasing college tuition/rates. Students will have to endure the price increases for food, living expenses and school altogether once leaving high school.