Chainsaw Man reminds the world about what a good show can be

Chainsaw man is the best new-generation anime in a while. As someone that dabbles into this facet of entertainment frequently, I found myself completely enthralled by the show and its ability to keep you entertained with every new episode. 

This review will not have major spoilers, but will rather briefly summarize small details that have been revealed in recent episodes. It should probably be mentioned that Denji’s main motivation, his Heros Purpose, is very explicit, as is the rest of the show. Chainsaw Man is TV-MA and even besides its maturity is very blood-packed and gory. I would not recommend this show to people who would not be desensitized to the show’s mature characteristics.

During the first episode, the main character Denji is depicted as someone who would do anything for money. He even goes as far as to eat a cigarette for only $100. One of his main sources of income though is devil hunting and he does so effectively with his pet devil Pochita’s help.

Long story short though, Denji and Pochita kill a well-sought-after demon and are recognized by the devil-hunting committee by its president, Makima. Right off the bat, Makima is shown to be very domineering yet gentle, telling Denji that he could either serve under her and live lavishly or die. Denji obviously chooses the prior.

One of the first official advertisements for Chainsaw Man featuring the show's main character Denji
One of the first official advertisements for Chainsaw Man featuring the show’s main character Denji (Crunchyroll and Mappa)

Going into the show, I very much expected its pacing to be long and drawn out. For example, when another character in the show named Power proposes a deal with Denji to carry out a mission to save her cat, that very same mission was done and finished by the next episode. 

That’s not to say that the pacing of the show is bad though. I think some people will misplace their dislike for the show’s timing because of how straightforward it is, but to me, Chainsaw Man perfectly balances their timeliness and action by having something notable going on in every episode. 

One thing I especially like about the show currently is how many new characters are introduced. The latest episode debuted a fan favorite, Himeno. Himeno, much like every other character, is very idiosyncratic. Each of them has their own tragic backstories that led them to the devil-hunting organization. 

As the new episodes come out every Tuesday, a feeling of dread and excitement washes over me. Chainsaw man is set to be a very short show, with only one season being confirmed and the manga only having 12 volumes currently. My hope is that as Chainsaw Man succeeds as a show, other shows and adaptations will turn out just as good and save us from a seemingly endless entertainment drought.