Harry Styles continues to display his love for performing concerts with Los Angeles Night 9

  For fifteen nights in Los Angeles, Harry Styles performed at the Kia Forum. I was lucky enough to go with my friend and her mom to LA Night 9. It was so much fun and I wish I could go back and experience it again.

   The opener for the show was Ben Harper. He was a nice performer and considered himself “incredibly lucky” that Styles allowed him to open for the LA dates. He brought his children, Harris and Charles Joseph Harper, and they performed a song that Harris Harper wrote called “Longest Apocalypse.” 

Harry Styles performing his song “Matilda.”
Harry Styles performing his song “Matilda.” (Jasmine Tran)

   Ben Harper closed his act by performing one of Styles’ latest songs called “Boyfriends,” on which he played the guitar. I’m not the type of person to always pay complete attention to the openers at concerts, but I watched and listened to Harper sing and play for his whole performance, and it was really nice. 

   At around nine o’clock, Styles came onto the stage. I’ve been to a Harry Styles concert before (San Diego in November 2021) but this experience blew my previous one out of the water. 

   He opened with his song “Daydreaming,” which is a song off his latest album, “Harry’s House.” Seeing his band come onto the stage first and then see Styles run onto the stage was really exciting and I wish I could go back to that moment. 

  Throughout the show, he performed songs from his two recent album releases, like “Golden,” “Late Night Talking,” and “Watermelon Sugar.” My favorite performance was when he sang his song “Matilda” and then led directly into “Little Freak” afterward (my two favorite Styles songs). It was my favorite part of the entire show and the only video I took, as it was my favorite memory.

Ben Harper performing “Boyfriends” by Harry Styles. (Jasmine Tran)
Ben Harper performs “Boyfriends” by Harry Styles. (Jasmine Tran)

   Styles even read fans’ posters in the crowd. A woman, who was four months pregnant, had a sign saying “Harry, is my baby a girl or a boy?” and ended up passing the envelope up to Styles, who read out to the crowd that the woman was having a baby girl. It was a really cool experience and I am very happy for that woman.

   Styles closed the concert with an encore, where he played the songs, “Sign of the Times,” “As It Was,” and “Kiwi.” He repeatedly blew kisses to the fans and ended up running off the stage really fast (as if he had suddenly turned into a cheetah). 

   Overall, the show was a fantastic experience, and I had a lot of fun. I hope after he finishes the rest of his Los Angeles tour, he comes back soon.