Smile scares, thrills and pleases viewers with a chilling take on the horror genre

The horror movies of the century with a thrilling story and misdirecting scares watching it your in for a ride.

smile movie poster
Smile grossed over $200 million at the box office in October. (Paramount Pictures)

The movie starts off slow, but with a haunting feeling as the main character Dr. Rose Cotter works in an emergency psych center with “crazy people wandering the halls and screaming.”

 The eeriness continues with her talking to the patients in a basically empty blue colored  room with only two chairs, a table, a potted plant and a red phone on the wall.  It does a really good job with a lot happening in the room with minimal stuff to do in it. 

Dr. Rose Cotter is a really strong willed character who goes through a lot because of the “curse” she got but pushes through all of it. She tries to find a reason or cure for why all this is happening to her with basically no one believing her or trying to help 

Throughout the movie it feels like everything and everyone is against her her sister believes she incase, her fiancé leaves her and even her own boss thinks that her job as gotten to her too much 

But towards the end she realizes that this is a good thing and can find a way to end the horrible curse.

Smile was really good with a nice easy story to follow and tons of horrific scares that get you ready for anything the characters for the most part are okay most of the were not really memorable and didn’t play much of a bigger role in the movie and the ending was a cliffhanger but I do recommend watching it.