Theater has two different, but Interesting plays scheduled after Thanksgiving break

At the start of next year, there will be two shows that will be put on in four months at the theater.

There are always amazing shows from them, like last year’s “The Wolves” and “Next to Normal”, and this year the first show of the season will be “Talk Radio” by Eric Bogosian.

“[Talk Radio] is a show about a shock-jock radio host, who is– He’s made a career out of alienating people, and making fun of people.” Aaron Blokker described with great excitement.

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Theater will be practicing and presenting their plays in this theater room (Canyon Hills Theater Instagram)

And this shock-jock radio host’s name is Barry Champlain, known in the story for not only being condescending to his audience but also having insane political views.

Auditions for this show are being held this week, dates are posted on the Theater’s Instagram.

The second show, happening in May, “Avenue Q” by Jeff Whitty, will be a musical instead of a play. Yet just as an adult rated as “Talk Radio”.

“People describe it as ‘Sesame Street’ for adults, basically some of the characters are puppets and some of the characters are people,” Blokker explained.

The premise of “Avenue Q” is wildly different from the one of “Talk Radio”. It is a story about the characters needing to accept their own flaws before accepting each others’.”

“It’s a much lighter show, it’s definitely a comedy,” Blokker explains. “But what they do is they use humor and music to confront really big things like racism and sexism in society.”

Two comedic yet message-telling stories seem like what we will be receiving this year, and our school has had nothing but a good reputation with its theater plays and musicals.

So be sure to grab that 7-dollar admission ticket when the time comes for the performances to start!