Black Adam follows the playbook, but still entertains

Black Adam is the most recent project produced by DC starring Dwayne the Rock Johnson. The film is corny and cliché, but still manages to be fun and entertaining to watch.

black adam actor Dwayne Johnson conjures fire
New Line Cinema

The movie mainly focuses on the trope of changing a comic book character formally known as a super villain, into an anti-hero. This trope has been pretty common with recent comic book movie adaptations such as “Venom” and “Morbius.” 

Though with what it’s given, it does a good job with the established characters and action sequences. The plot and the main villain were pretty stupid and really lacking; it’s just all over the place for a majority of the movie. Most of the things that happened in the story felt way too convenient and predictable most of the time. If you know what’s coming next, then the only redeeming qualities is the execution, which was done pretty well. The cinematography and the directing was also well done, and I liked the way it was produced.

The movie takes place in mostly in Kahndaq, a fictional country, also known as Black Adam’s home. There’s some characters from Kahndaq who are just citizens, who are unlikable and seem like an unnecessary addition to the movie, but they are used in order to play into Black Adam’s heroic side. 

One of the best parts of the film, was the inclusion of the Justice Society. It’s nice to see more obscure characters get the spotlight such as Atom Smasher and Cyclone in theaters, but it also feels as if they didn’t play much of a role within the story. Atom Smasher was more so played for laughs and Cyclone was there for interactions with Atom Smasher which actually were some good moments. Though if they removed from the movie, mostly everything would remain the same.

Comic Panel of Black Adam from the Mainstream universe
In a comic Panel from the Mainstream universe, Black Adam
shows his powers. (

The real team players of the film, were Black Adam, Hawkman, and Dr. Fate. In the comics and other adaptations, Hawkman was never really taken seriously as a hero, and no one really cared about who he was or what he did. But what they did with Hawkman in the film was amazing and made him a great hero along with one of the best characters in the film. Dr. Fate was one of the highlights of this movie, and like most of the adaptations of Fate, he was really underpowered and if the movie was true to the comics all the problems in the movie would probably be easily dealt with, but it’s reasonable as to why they did it.

Towards the end I didn’t like what they did with Dr. Fate, but I guess that doesn’t matter too much. Black Adam was cool and entertaining to watch. His interactions with the heroes in the Justice Society were good, but it’s kind of hard to take the Rock seriously when he’s just, the Rock, but it’s easy to overlook while watching.

Even with all the bad parts of the movie, the positives balance out along with it. The soundtrack, the action, most of the characters were good, along with the theme that the movie was going with. In the theater I had a fun time watching it even though there was a good amount of stuff I didn’t like. I think overall the movie was okay, nothing groundbreaking or new in the superhero genre, but I’d definitely recommend it.