We Are The Wolves Debuts At CHHS

All-female cast performs in Winter production of The Wolves
Streeeetch! Mattie English and her costars stretch during the play The Wolves. The 90 minute play featured an all female cast from Canyon Hills High School. “It’s been amazing! We have all been working hard and it has paid off,” stated English.

With the return of in-person school this year also came the return of the Canyon Hills High School Theatre Department with their production of The Wolves, a play by Sarah DeLappe about an all-girls soccer team. After the six performances that took place over two weeks, the show closed its curtains for the final time on February 12th, 2022.

“Looking back on it, I’m really sad that it’s over because we had so many good times backstage and onstage,” said junior Isabella Alcorn. “It was so refreshing to perform again and I’m so glad to see all our hard work pay off.”

Although it was an enjoyable experience for both the onstage actors and backstage crew, Covid-19 did make parts of the production more difficult as opposed to earlier years.

“Covid has mainly impacted us by decreasing our audience and keeping the audience from being able to see the actors’ faces,” said junior Nicholas Alcorn.

Junior Mattie English echoed his statements: “We had a lot of blocking and other things that could have been a lot better if we didn’t have to space out and wear masks.”

Despite the challenges the pandemic produced, morale and nerves were still high when opening night came around.

“I remember on opening night we were all so nervous because we didn’t know how many people would come and if the audience would like it,” said Isabella Alcorn. “But as the performance went on we got more relaxed and got to be together on the stage.”

To celebrate the successful last performance and the others before it, the actors and crew went out to eat that night. Now that it’s all over, the mood was more bittersweet.

“There was as much crying as there was laughing and we’re all very sad, but very happy that we got to do all of this when we needed it most,” reflected Nicholas Alcorn.

Regardless if you caught a performance of The Wolves or not, the next show is just around the corner; the CHHS Theatre Department’s performance of the award-winning play Next to Normal will premiere on April 28th, 2022, with five shows after that.