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“Come Home The Kids Miss You” is Jack Harlow’s most popular album by far but is it really that great?

Jack Harlow’s “Come Home The Kids Miss You” album cover (Pitchfork)
Jack Harlow’s “Come Home The Kids Miss You” album cover (Pitchfork)

Jack Harlow, 25 year old rapper out of Louisville, KY, has made a name for himself in the short time he has been in the music industry. Harlow first got some recognition from the song “GHOST” that appeared on MLB the Show 19 and next thing you knew you were listening to his hit “WHATS POPPIN” later that year. 


Harlow has been releasing great music for a while and didn’t really disappoint when he released “Come Home The Kids Miss You ” in spring of 2022. 


Talk of the TownA song that celebrates his success as an artist. In the story, Harlow chronicles his rise to fame from  humble beginnings in Bardstown to now a chart-topping artist. He acknowledges the envy that comes with success, as people who once ignored him or doubted his abilities are now trying to befriend him and ride his coattails.

Young HarleezyA meditation on a rapper’s journey to success, introspection and self-improvement. In the first verse, Harlow acknowledges his humble beginnings and how his drive and talent got him to where he is today. He reflects on his journey, including his struggles with alcohol and women, and how he  evolved as an artist and a person. Harlow understands that she now  has significant influence and responsibility, and is aware of the pressure that comes with it.

I’d Do Anything to Make You SmileIt seems to be a love song where the speaker expresses his willingness to do anything to make his partner happy and satisfied. He mentions that he travels the world just to make her smile and wants to pay five hundred thousand dollars  to  dance for him a little.

Jack Harlow’s “Come Home The Kids Miss You” album cover (Pitchfork)

First ClassJack talks about his success and being able to provide a lavish lifestyle for his loved ones. The chorus focuses primarily  on the sense of accomplishment and  the opportunity to show off your accomplishments by leading your friends to heaven. He also talks about his rise to superstardom and how he manages to support his family, showing that he is grateful for his success and  willing to share the spoils. The song is about appreciating the benefits of wealth and fame while  remembering the importance of staying grounded.

Dua LipaHarlow aims for more than  a typical collaboration with singer Dua Lipa. Through his lyrics, he expresses his feelings that he comes and has people “chew him up” online, but he also knows that he has the potential to produce something extraordinary. Although she may be shy and insecure, she hopes to do something great with Dua Lipa. The song is a  call to action to anyone who feels undervalued and wants to invest in something  truly fulfilling.

Side PieceA song about being by a loved one’s side in a committed relationship with someone else. The chorus of the song explains that he has already made a song for his “main chick” but wants to make a record for his “side piece” too. Throughout the song, Harlow describes her desires for her sidekick and how she is drawn to him despite being in a relationship with someone else.

Movie Star (featuring Pharrell Williams)It seems to be a song about Jack Harlow’s rise to fame and his confidence in his abilities. In the first verse, Harlow shows his arrogant side, bragging about his attraction to women and his involvement with famous movie stars. In the chorus, Pharrell Williams questions the criticism of Harlow’s celebrity life, and both artists express their desire to live rich and drama-free lives.

Lil SecretA love song about someone who is in love with someone but can’t tell anyone because of the limits of their reputation. The chorus repeats the line “I know you’re sick of being my little secret” which suggests that the lover is tired of hiding and wants to be recognized as an important person in his life. They may also be uncomfortable with their busy schedule having to wait for a famous person.

I Got a ShotA song about the  success of a rapper and the accompanying changes in his social circle. The song is full of bragging because Harlow claims to have reached the top and is too official for anyone to compete with her. He refers to his new riches and luxuries, such as the G-Wagon and Louis V luggage.

Churchill Downs (featuring Drake)A reflection on the artists’ success and their journey  to where they are now. The lyrics talk about their progress  and the struggles they faced to achieve their goals. The artists are both aware of their achievements and the fame that comes with them, but  also acknowledge the sacrifices they have made along the way.

Like a Blade of GrassExplores  desire and attraction between two people. The lyrics describe the speaker’s infatuation with a woman and his willingness to have a romantic relationship with her.

Parent Trap (featuring Justin Timberlake)A thoughtful song about the struggles of fame and the importance of  a solid support system. The first verse describes the difficulty of Jack in facing the stress caused by the constant gaze of the public. He expresses his longing for a normal life and wants to exchange his current lifestyle for the posh suburb where the Karens run their business. He also mentions his appreciation for his friend and collaborator Justin Timberlake, whom he calls his “twin”; just like in the movie The Parent Trap. However, the mention of  clarinet and tea adds to the refinement and refinement of his lifestyle.

Poison (featuring Lil Wayne)The lyrics express his desire for that woman, his admiration and his willingness to risk for her. Kerto repeats the phrase “Girl, you are indeed poison, poison, poison, poison, but a good man.” The “good kind” of the  poison could mean that the woman is positively intoxicating, that she has a glamorous and attractive quality that Harlow likes.

Nail Tech– Harlow’s most popular song off the album, This song provides insight into his life in the music industry, painting a picture of his newfound success and what it means for his future. She refers to her close relationship with her family and  close friends and discusses how they provide unwavering support no matter what. The narrator also talks about wealth, luxury and expensive clothes, while creating a “nonsense” attitude towards those who try to profit from his newfound success. The song is a celebration of achievement and a warning to those who try to take advantage of it. It reminds the narrator that no one should be taken for granted and that  success should be used as a platform to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones.

State FairTalks about the newfound fame and success that comes with being an emerging artist, while  reflecting on the importance of staying true to one’s roots and maintaining relationships with the people and places that have shaped them into who they are.


Declan’s Thoughts – This was a 9/10 album for me, out of the 15 songs on this 45 minute album my hands down favorite was  “Parent Trap“. He said ¨Paranoid, even out in paradise

Terrified to see my parents pass ̈ and that line really resonated with me because of my family’s past experiences with health and things of that nature. I felt like I could really relate to his fears about losing family, especially because he doesn’t downplay his emotions, specifically his fears the way that a lot of other artists do these days. It seems as if so many artists that have blown up in recent years the way Jack has are so afraid to show basic human feelings and fears which is why I love Jack and his work. 


Hal’e’s Thoughts – I really enjoyed this album as I think it is Harlow’s best work so far. He does a really great job with incorporating different tones and types of music into a small 15 song album. The best track on the album is easily “Nail Tech ”. When Harlow says “I don’t wish for my success, I speak it” that line hits hard for me. As an athlete, in order to be successful you have to put good things out in the world and they will come true, not only for me being an athlete but also just in life. If you put out great thoughts in the universe 9 times out of 10 they will become a reality. I don’t wish for my success, it just happens because I tell myself it’s going to happen, and that is what Harlow means when he says “I speak it”. I give this album a 9 out of 10. This is Harlow’s best work, and I am super excited to see what he has for the future.  I would definitely recommend this to someone who is looking for something in the R&B realm, but not too quickly. 


My slight critique on the album is that there could be more added to it, I think that there could maybe be one or two more tracks to help make this album even better, like possibly putting a track on the album is that is similar to his song “Tyler Herro” Outside of that I think it’s a great album.


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