San Diego’s Very Own: Little Italy Art-Walk

With many artists in San Diego, many of those artists manage to find ways of spreading their art to people across the city. Little Italy’s art walk, first introduced 39 years ago, was made for thousands of people to enjoy music and food all while purchasing art from San Diego bound artists.

little italy art walk
Friends Checking out Mission Fed Artwork
Photo: @artwalksd

Little Italy’s partner, ArtReach, has a significant role in the art walk as they’re a non-profit organization in the education of arts. ArtReach has reached thousands of students pursuing art and have had interest in the field of it and has served over 30,000 students since 2007 county-wide. 

The open air event has many safety precautions such as advising any participants if they’ve had any symptoms of Covid-19 within the past week and abiding any other public health guidelines. Most commonly seen, citizens participating in the art walk are seen wearing safety masks to protect themselves and others around them. 

As San Diego’s most popular dining destination, Little Italy was the perfect place to set up an art walk event making it an ideal backdrop for their two-day festival. The food and music helped attract more people to the art walk and the event maintained a good reputation throughout the two days. 

More than 250 artists have participated in this year’s 39th annual art walk festival and have attracted over 100,000 attendees. The media used in this art walk such as glass, photography, jewelry, woodworks, and many more has attracted people with different taste in art.

Over 30 acts have been performed in the event including six-string wizard Robin Henkel and 2023 San Diego Music Awards new artist Ash Easton. The performances added a nice setting to the art gallery and set a great tone for the event.

Overall, the art walk was a very pleasant and well organized event suitable for all ages since there was a KidsWalk area as well as interactive experiences for all ages. Without a doubt, the art walk had an amazing setting since it was set in a heavily cuisine related area for all to eat before checking out all of the art.