Students enjoy a hike in city’s minimum wage

Back during September of 2022, the City Council passed a bill through the chamber that officially raised the minimum wage in California from $15 an hour to $16.30, for all industries across the City of San Diego.

tierrasanta shopping center
An image of Tierrasanta Town Center, a host for many workers at Canyon Hills High School. IMAGE CREDIT: LoopBack.

According to the Union-Tribune, “The San Diego City Council on Tuesday voted 6-3 to increase the city’s minimum wage to $16.30 an hour from $15 an hour, a move supporters said would help low-wage workers keep pace with the city’s high cost of living.”

For students at Canyon Hills, this can be an excitement whether the money be used to save for college, a car, or even just to have some spending money on the side. For laborers and the working class in San Diego, this is a welcome boost for many who struggle to make ends meet in SD’s expensive economy.

Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera stated, “This is a step towards economic justice for workers in our city who are struggling to get by. We need to do everything we can to make sure that everyone who works hard can earn a decent living and have a shot at a better life.”

While the raising of minimum wage highlights the importance of ensuring economic justice for low-wage workers in San Diego, raising the minimum wage can also provide economic opportunities for high schoolers. On top of work opportunities and chances to build a resume, it will provide financial incentives.

“The increase in minimum wage means that I can save up more money for college and for my future. It’s really motivating to know that my hard work is being rewarded with a fair wage,” said Jessica, a junior at Canyon Hills.