Netflix Original: Murder Mystery 2

Sequel to “Murder Mystery”, Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler catches up viewers on the “Spitz’s” latest encounters. 

The Murder Mystery series follows Nick and Audrey Spitz, an everyday couple that finds themselves immersed in a murder case that they put upon themselves to solve. 

A very comedic, action-filled film where viewers have no clue what’s going to happen next. With the sequel’s release, the Spitz have devoted their lives to detective work as they felt it was their calling. Yet their job takes a turn when a person they care for is in danger. 

Netflix Original, Murder Mystery 2
Netflix Original, Murder Mystery 2 (Netflix)

In the previous film, the Spitzs’ now friend the “Maharajah” gets kidnapped at his own wedding. With five suspects on the table, they must figure out who is a part of this heinous act towards their friend. 

While trying to gather the evidence they are interrupted by the “real” Detective Miller. Detective Miller works with Nick and Audrey to find the perp, following their investigation, twist and turns, and many questions to be answered. 

I loved watching the first Murder Mystery movie, and this sequel topped it off. I could watch every sequel of this series as long as they come out. An action-packed, comedic mystery movie has all the components of an intriguing film. 

Following the first film, it’s amazing to see the Spitzs devote their lives to something that brings them together as a couple. They struggle as any other couple would, but they have found that being detectives and solving cases together, has brought them closer. 

I would’ve never expected the outcome at the end of the movie, and who the kidnapper was revealed to be, and that’s what makes these movies so interesting. It’s not easy to guess who the killer or kidnapper is or what will happen in the next scene. Suspense and confusion definitely kept my eyes on the screen. 

The film does an amazing job of mixing comedy and mystery. If you are a viewer who likes not knowing what might happen next, and trying to guess the outcome of the mystery at hand, then the Murder Mystery series is for you.