Excitement builds for Tierrasanta’s first ever boba shop, but does it live up to its expectations?

Tierrasanta’s first ever boba shop has officially opened, available from 11 to 7 everyday next to the donut shop in town center. Starbucks has been the number one spot for drinks in Tierrasanta’s Town Center. At the start of the year, news of the shop opening surprised many. The first day of opening, Busy Boba had quite a few customers stop by to check out the new location.

busy boba drink
Busy Boba’s bright and unique brand logo shows their long awaited planning was successful.
(Leah Cardona)

Busy Boba has been keeping the community updated on their social media, promoting their grand opening. Earning its title as the very first boba shop in Tierrasanta kept the expectations high for students who walk to town center after school.

“When I saw the news of its opening, I was really hoping for it to be a good boba spot because I haven’t seen one in town center,” 10th Grader Jozef Bautista exclaims.

 The inside has brightly colored decor that makes it stand out from standard boba franchises. The pink walls and neon sign pops out as soon as you walk in, and the back wall has art full of colorful drinks. 

“The inside was a lot different than I thought it would be. The pink was an interesting color choice for sure, but I think it’s their main color or like a focal point,” 9th Grader Linh Nguyen says.

Busy Boba does not have the biggest menu selection yet, but consists of drinks like milk tea, slushies, tea, lemonade, and smoothies. There are only two sizes, the regular and large, at $5.50 and $7.50. The size of the drink is relatively small compared to many other boba franchises, but the drinks are filled to the brim with less ice. Many drinks will come with boba for free, but their long list of toppings come at an additional 75 cents per extra topping. If you’re not craving a drink, Busy Boba also offers dessert waffles on their menu for $8.00

Busy Boba’s bright and unique brand logo shows their long awaited planning was successful (Leah Cardona).

The staff at Busy Boba are extremely friendly, having customers taste test samples on their first opening, accepting all feedback. Although they have just started up, Busy Boba is doing a great job at keeping their customers busy with posts on social media and new menu add-ons. For more information, follow @busybobasd on Instagram.