Quantumania isn’t the best start to Marvel’s Phase 5

The Ant-man movies have always been lighthearted and fun movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though this entry is pretty rough in comparison to the rest of the Ant-man trilogy.

ant man movie poster
Ant-man’s latest installment has largely been panned by critics and fans. (Marvel)

The other two Ant-man movies were a lot more enjoyable than Quantumania. Quantumania feels kind of forgettable and lackluster. 

Within the first bit of the movie, Scott Lang (Ant-man), Hope Van Dyne (Wasp), Cassie Lang, Hank Pym, and Janet Van Dyne all get trapped down in the quantum realm, after an experiment goes wrong. They’re split into 2 groups and the movie switches between both frequently, as they try to make it out of the quantum realm. Scott and Cassie then get tied in with Kang, which leads to the main conflicts of the film.

For the 1st half it was pretty boring and though it had some fun moments nothing interesting happened. The humor doesn’t always land, and because of Marvel’s recent movies, comedy is very frequent but it’s always inconsistent. 

I think that it definitely started to get better with the second half, especially when Kang and MODOK were introduced. Kang was a menacing villain, and he was the best character on screen. MODOK was a fun addition, though he didn’t really play a big role. One thing that was kind of dumb was that it tried way too hard to keep Kang as an anonymous charachter for the first half, despite putting him in every trailer and every bit of marketing.

Before quantumania they recasted the actress who plays the older version of Cassie Lang. The new actress, Katheryn Newton, just isn’t very convincing as Cassie, the acting for her character felt so emotionless and dull. To be fair, the dialogue wasn’t really good and was pretty weird at times.

The action was a bit lame since the way they shot it, it looked very shaky and it was hard to tell what they were even doing. Though that doesn’t go for all fights because the final fights were done pretty well. 

The CGI was not very good. Since the entire movie takes place within the quantum realm, nearly every background and environment is CGI. It just has too much stuff going on in frame, and the quality just isn’t very well done.

Overall the movie is mediocre, it’s very messy but it’s no where near the worst Marvel movie.