Mom’s Pho & Grill delivers tasty food with big smiles

New Vietnamese restaurant in Tierrasanta town center “Mom’s Pho & Grill” has locals craving more.

moms pho in tierrasanta
Mom’s Pho & Grill recently opened in Tierrasanta to the delight of residents. (Google Image)

Like your home, their slogan signifies the family friendly and homey feel the restaurant has to offer. Friendly service keeps smiles on customers’ faces. Not only is their look and service homey, but their affordable and tasty food leaves you with a satisfied stomach. 

The CEO and founder of the restaurant (Chef Tam Thanh Cao) was featured on the show “Top Chef, Vietnam”, competing in the top 5 on the show. 

Dishes you will find being served at Mom’s Pho & Grill include

  • Spring rolls 
  • Egg rolls
  • Pho bowls
  • Pork/Beef/Rib plates
  • Fried Rice

With a large variety, customers have more choices, although not too many that it becomes overwhelming/hard to decide. 

 Every meal at very affordable prices, especially for hungry high school students. Enjoy amazing food at a fair cost. 

I ate at Mom’s Pho & Grill with my family. We ordered about one thing from each section. Every dish, every bite was very appetizing. The servers were very friendly and talkative. They made our whole experience extra enjoyable. And with the amount of food we ordered, the check was relieving. Affordable prices plus incredible food. 

The service, plus the flavorful dishes, drive customers to circle back for round two at Mom’s Pho & Grill.