Dead Space Remake: What a remake should be

The original Dead Space franchise took the typical sci-fi horror genre and used it to make one of the best horror franchises in gaming.

You play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer who’s tasked to carry out repairs on an enormous mining vessel known as the USG Ishimura. As Isaac and his maintenance crew board the ship, they’re ambushed by a bunch of alien lifeforms known as ‘Necromorphs’. The Necromorphs aren’t actually aliens, but a virus that takes over the bodies of the deceased crewmates.

A picture of the stunning visuals in Dead Space
A picture of the stunning visuals in Dead Space (Steam)

In both the original and the remake, you guide Isaac through the Ishimura to fend off the Necromorphs and escape the ship. Throughout your journey, you’re provided with new items and weapons to help you survive on your journey. As you explore the Ishimura, you discover what the true purpose of the Ishimura is, and how it comes into play throughout the franchise.

The remake has gone through some substantial changes that alter the narrative and set up from the original, and change a lot within the gameplay. Isaac Clarke now has a voice, no longer making him a silent protagonist, which provides insight into Isaac’s personality and emotions.

The updated visuals really make the atmosphere a lot more eerie and suspenseful. As you make your way through different sections of the ship, you’ll encounter different environments and missions. The original game was already extremely gory, but the remake is still able to turn up the gore factor, with very brutal deaths and the way you fend off the necromorphs.

There’s a large variety of enemy types on the Ishimura. The ideal way to defeat enemies is to aim for their limbs, most of the time. There are necromorphs that will leap at you, crawl along the walls, move very quickly, explode on impact, summon little ones, and a lot of other types.

Weapons and ammo are a huge part of the game, running out of ammo is very stressful, especially in this game. You can find ammo throughout different rooms on the ship and sometimes can pick them up off of enemies. There’s also a lot of variety for weapons that all take different kinds of ammo. One thing that’s very unique is that all of the weapons Isaac uses, are actually tools used for engineering, that he modifies to use against necromorphs, excluding the pulse rifle.

The remake is extremely well made. It makes changes that don’t differ too much from the original game and overall it’s just an amazing game to play.