Mr. Liew takes over as Interim Associate Principal

With the temporary departure of Canyon Hills High School’s Vice Principal Mrs. Ward, tennis and badminton coach Yuh Yau Liew is taking over. Liew has been a new addition to the CHHS administrative and educator team, teaching world history and leadership classes, now covering the vice principal position in the office.

coach liew ends badmiton game with cheer
Coach Liew finishes off Badminton practice with a motivational talk and a final cheer.
(Katherine Bui)

Nearly covering three different positions on CHHS campus, VP was a big opportunity he took. While it may be a lot of work for one person, Liew’s dedication and attitude on campus says otherwise.

“My schedule gave me the ability to fulfill the position of Vice Principal while also managing teaching my classes,” Liew said.

Liew’s experience with administration and teaching at other school’s helped him build an impression on campus with other staff and students.

“Coach Liew is really great with all the students, I see him helping out whenever he can and It’s something I find comforting,” 10th Grader Lio Castaneda said.

While this may not be a permanent change, Liew will still be active as an educator on campus, and CHHS is grateful to have someone like him looking over the school.

“I enjoy the learning process as VP and I believe I will be in the position to support the school as best as I can,” Liew stated.